Choosing The Best Local DUI Attorney


If you have recently been charged with a DUI offense, you should contact a local DUI attorney to discuss your case. New Jersey is known as a state that provides great driver protections and the penalties associated with drunk driving. We specialize in representing individuals who have been charged with drunken driving, traffic violations, DWI, or drug offenses.

Many people don,t realize that they can be charged with a DUI. DWI means Driving Under the Influence. Simply put, the defendant is either operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, or the defendant has consumed alcohol and is under the influence of it. This includes but is not limited to, consumption of alcohol or drugs, and other chemical substances that affect the body,s ability to operate a motor vehicle. Another common form of drunk driving in New Jersey is called Speeding. A speeding violation is considered a felony offense and can carry substantial consequences. In the majority of cases, the penalties are not severe. The penalties for DUI and Speeding are not equal. DUI can have more severe penalties, such as incarceration and probation, while Speeding may involve fines and/or community service.

There are some specific factors that can affect whether you will be convicted of a DUI. For example, many people who are arrested for DUI are actually innocent and were at fault for their arrest. In other instances, people who have been arrested are guilty and only need to prove that they are innocent. A local DUI attorney can help you with any and all legal issues that may arise during your case. As a DUI lawyer, I can assist you in negotiating an appropriate plea bargain with the prosecution. Whether you choose to go to trial, accept a plea bargain, or ask for a jury trial, I can help you during each phase of the process.

The most important aspect of fighting a DUI charge is being aware of your rights. You should review all documents associated with your case and find out if there is a mandatory ignition interlock device or alcohol analyzer requirement. if there is.If you have questions regarding the arrest or DUI charges, seek out an attorney. If you choose to accept a plea bargain or go to trial, the attorney you hire will review the police report and will determine if there is enough evidence to prove that you are guilty or innocent. If a jury is unable to reach a verdict after a full day of deliberation, your attorney can file an appeal. You will most likely be required to go to court on your own, but a local DUI attorney will have experience in this area of the law and will ensure your case is handled competently. A DUI attorney will be able to help you prepare a defense case that works best for you. In some cases, they will be able to help you find alternative sentences or probation, depending on the severity of the offense.